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Dice Baseball Board Games

For more than 130 years, people have enjoyed playing dice baseball board games. The first such game was introduced in 1884. Produced by R. Bliss Mfg., the game was called League Parlor Base Ball.

League Parlor Baseball Game
League Parlor Baseball Game

Over the years, hundreds of games have been developed using dice to play the game of baseball. As time passed, game creators began trying to recreate baseball in a more realistic manner. Their games became more sophisticated, relying on multiple dice, outcome charts, and even actual player statistics. A lot of serious baseball fans fell in love with these more detailed board games.

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Cool Baseball Games: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Boys Playing BaseballThere have been many cool baseball games, in various styles, created over the years. In this article I present an overview of several different styles of baseball games that exist today.

When you think about it, baseball concepts are really quite simple. Essentially, if you can swing something and propel another object, you can turn it into a game of baseball.

The simplicity of these concepts has caused a great deal of creativity to be focused on developing games that emulate baseball in some way. In fact, in some games you don’t even swing or hit anything, you just pretend that you did.

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