Cool Collectibles

If you have spent time searching for some cool baseball collectibles in the past you are already aware that there are all types of items you can purchase. Some of the common collectibles include:

2008 MLB Derek Jeter Bobblehead
2008 MLB Derek Jeter Bobblehead

Baseball trading cards
Baseballs, bats, helmets, and hats
Bobbleheads and figurines
Lego-compatible mini-figures
Programs, magazines, and ticket stubs
Mini-helmets and other novelties
Team-themed collectibles
Art, photographs, plaques, and collages
Patches and pins

The Very Common Collectible

Perhaps the most common type of item that people collect are baseball cards. I’ve mentioned in my About Me section that I used to have a lot of cards when I was younger. Cards were literally a dime a dozen back then. They were simple and fun to collect and could be traded easily with friends. The same is true today, though you pay a bit more for them.

Every once in a while a great story pops out in the news about how someone has found an old and now valuable collection of baseball cards. I’ll be sharing some of those stories occasionally in the section of my website.

Cool Deals

The other theme of this Cards and Collectibles section is to share about normal and/or interesting deals that you can take advantage of when shopping for collectibles. Some may be team-related, others player-related. It’s all intended to give you some extra insight into the exciting world of baseball collectibles.

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